01 - 18 - 2012 State College man facing murder charges over $20 drug deal
(CDT) State College police arrested 20-y/o Tyler Marlatt on murder charges that resulted from a stabbing incident Monday night in Lemont in which he confronted 20-y/o Tyler Struble over $20 of marijuana. Marlatt is incarcerated without bail. Documents say Struble refused to pay for marijuana that was given him. Struble fled to a vehicle & was followed. A witness told police Marlatt said that they should get the drugs & money from Struble & threatened to hurt someone if they couldn't. That's when Marlatt, along with others, went to the residence in Lemont where Struble was staying. There, Marlatt confronted Struble where both exchanged punches & fought. Marlatt told police he pulled a knife from his pocket & stabbed Struble several times.