04 - 21 - 2011 Attorney of convicted murderer appeals court’s rulings
(CDT) Mirinda Boobâs attorney has appealed her March 22 conviction on 1st-degree murder, saying media coverage of the murder of her husband, Samuel Boob, had rendered it impossible to select an impartial jury. Mirinda Boob & co-defendant Ronald Heichel were convicted by a jury of 1st & 3rd-degree murder & conspiracy & sentenced to life in prison. Boob's attorney, Edward Blanarik, in the appeal filed Tuesday with state Superior Court, also questioned Judge Pamela Ruestâs impartiality, arguing Ruestâs signing of several orders for police actions before the case came to trial had biased her against Boob. Blanarikâs pre-trial requests to have Ruest recuse herself from the case were denied.