04 - 18 - 2011 Former President Judge files for bankruptcy protection
(PCT) Former Perry Co. President Judge C. Joseph Rehkamp has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in US Middle District Bankruptcy Court. In his petition, entered March 24, the 62-y/o Rehkamp, of Harrisburg, lists assets of $5,982 & liabilities of $914,830. A box is checked indicating that after exempt property is excluded & administrative expenses are paid, there wonât be any funds available for distribution to unsecured debtors which number no more than 49. His monthly income is estimated at $3,137 & his monthly expenses at $2,971, leaving a net of $166 a month. His liabilities, according to the bankruptcy filing, include $23,345 in taxes, $15,841 in domestic support, & $513,372 in mortgages held by The Bank of Landisburg on 45 acres along Creek Rd. in Tuscarora Twp.