04 - 06 - 2011 Snyder Co. café robbed of change, chicken, & cauliflower
(DI) A burglar stole $11.50 in change, 2 bags of chicken & a bag of cauliflower from a small Snyder Co. cafe either Monday night or Tuesday morning. It was one of 2 break-ins that occurred overnight within a few miles of each other. Cruiser`s Cafe owner Joel Snyder said he got a call just after 8:30am Tuesday from one of his cooks, who had noticed the freezer door & bathroom doors were wide open, & the cash register was gone. At about 2am Tuesday, suspects broke into the Original Italian Pizza along Rt. 35 in Richfield & took a change box from under the counter containing about $500 as well as 20-30 gift cards.