06 - 17 - 2010 Tax increases & budget cuts being sought by Penns Valley
(CDT) To plug a $1.85 million budget gap, administrators are recommending the Penns Valley Area school board approve the maximum real estate tax increase allowed by the state—and $1.27 million in cuts. The golf team, the late activity-bus run for students & 5 current staff positions would all be eliminated under a proposal presented by Superintendent Brian Griffith at last night’s work session. The proposal does not includes layoffs or furloughs. Griffith said the 5.55% tax increase & cuts are necessary for 2 reasons: Revenues are down & costs are up for the district. Under the proposal, the biggest cut in the 2010-11 budget would be to staffing. In all, the district plans to eliminate 7 professional positions, freeing up $737,000. Administrators are assuming that district will receive no increase in its basic education subsidy from the state. The governor’s proposing a 7.11% increase for Penns Valley, which would equal about $318,342.