06 - 15 - 2010 Kish Apartments manager concerned over festival crowds
(LS) Lewistown Borough Council heard from the Kish Apartments manager last night over concerns that crowds attending the Embassy Festival are infringing on residents living in her building. On several incidents, Marueen Durst, told the council of cars being broken into & robbed, drug activity, & physical violence that has been occurring when crowds linger at the downtown festival. Durst also added the lights & noise is a nuisance to the elderly residents in the apartments, as well. Mifflin Co. Regional Police said they had 11 incidents at this year's festival & arrested 7 that stemmed from those incidents. Durst said the police did not have the resources or manpower to deal with these downtown events. Jim Felmlee, the Council President, said requests for next year would be scrutinized.