06 - 14 - 2010 Charges filed against 2 drivers following Rt. 75 crash
State Police have say the crash happened early yesterday evening near the Rt. 75 & Rt. 74 intersection in Turbett Twp., Juniata Co. A Black Mustang driven by 20-y/o Steven Foose was traveling at a high rate of speed while attempting to pass a red Dodge Daytona driven by a 17-y/o East Waterford teenager. Foose lost control of his vehicle & veered into an embankment flipping several times & coming to rest about 500 feet from where he lost control. The driver of the Daytona saw Foose trying to pass & sped up then realized Foose was crashing & slammed on his brakes, causing the vehicle to travel into a nearby field.