05 - 27 - 2010 Milroy Fire Dept. used in a telephone scam
Mifflin Co. Regional Police notified the Milroy Fire Dept. about reports of unknown persons using the company name to solicit information over the phone. The persons, who associate themselves as being with the Milroy Fire Dept., call to inquire whether the home is equipped with fire extinguishers or alarms–information that is used to be part of a survey. A contact at the company confirmed that the department is not involved in this survey & are concerned about 3rd parties using their information. Any questions about fund raising or activities that the Fire Dept. is currently involved with, the public should call them directly at 667-2433. Residents who have similar incidents should also call Det. Aurand at the Mifflin Co. Regional Police Dept. at 248-1900 x633. Police remind residents to never give out personal information over the phone.