05 - 19 - 2010 Voters give 82nd District incumbent another term
(LS) A Snyder Co. pastor failed to unseat incumbent Rep. Adam Harris from his seat as voters trickled out in gloomy weather yesterday for the PA Primary. The unofficial count from the vote talley gave Harris 5,177 votes, dwarfing the 1,745 votes that Pyle received. This was Pyle's 3rd attempt at running for Representative of the district, failing both in 2006 & in 2002. There were no Democratic contenders in yesterday primary for the 82nd District & there were no other GOP contenders in the 81st, where Mike Fleck won, nor in the 171st, which gave Kerry Benninghoff the win. Harris expressed appreciation for voters who turned out on a "miserable day" saying, "I'm really excited to start another term. We have a lot to do in Harrisburg."