05 - 17 - 2010 GOP candidate for US Senate addresses residents on Friday
(LS) A former gubernatorial candidate who is challenging Pat Toomey for Arlen Specterâs seat in the US Senate was in the Lewistown area on Friday during a campaign stop at the Burnham Quality Inn. Peg Luksik laid out her platform which is based on a return to Constitutional fundamentals such as an amendment that requires the Federal Government to have a balanced budget. Luksik encouraged residents to sign her Constitutional Compact & its 10 principles that include the elimination of the IRS & a âfair taxâ in its place to raise revenue through a consumption-based plan that is explained at <a href="http://www.fairtax.org" target="_blank">www.fairtax.org</a>. Luksik also promised not to support pro-choice Supreme Court nominees & called the immigration situation in the US a âcrisisâ.