05 - 14 - 2010 Police look for good Samaritan responsible for life-saving CPR
Mifflin Co. Regional Police, along with Fame EMS & the Highland Park Fire Dept. were summoned to the Derry Park/Kish Park ball fields yesterday evening just after 8:30 for a reported cardiac arrest. A 59-y/o male was found by responders being treated by an unidentified bystander with effective CPR. EMS crews took over rescue efforts using a defibrillator to restart the manâs heart, then transported the victim to Lewistown Hospital for further treatment. Police say the immediate activation of 911 & the early defibrillation was key to a successful revival. Police are commending all those who were responsible & are seeking the identity of the bystander for an appropriate commendation. The public is asked to call patrolman Miles at 248-1900 x635 with any information.