05 - 10 - 2010 GOP candidate for US Senate to visit Lewistown on Friday
Republican US Senate candidate Peg Luksik will hold a Constitutional Compact Rally in Lewistown this Friday. The open event will be held at The Quality Inn & Suites on Ferguson Valley Rd. Lewistown from 7-8PM. Luksik said that her campaign was "so happy & excited" to be bringing their statewide Constitutional Compact tour to Lewistown & that âÄúthis is a great opportunity for the voters to meet with [her], ask questions, & sign on to these 10 principles which are vital to turning the country around." The Compact includes such reforms as a Constitutional amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced every year, a measure prohibiting the federal government from operating outside of its Constitutional authority, & a measure that would require all legislation to apply to members of Congress as well as the citizens of the United States.