04 - 30 - 2010 Lewistown man hacks into school funds to buy porn
(DI) A 57-y/o Lewistown man has been charged with stealing $500 raised by middle school students to purchase porn videos from an Internet site. Harry Marenic has been charged with forgery, access device fraud, & theft by deception, for 20 unauthorized withdrawals from a Swineford National Bank account owned by the West Snyder Music Booster Club. The transactions, occurring between May & Aug. of last year. A bank security manager told police that Marenic closed an account with Swineford in 2008. Only the last digit in his former account number & that of the booster club were different. The bank security manager said that it was probable that Marenic used his old account number & changed the last digit until he found an account number that worked.