04 - 29 - 2010 Rejection of I-80 tolls spells rejection for other road projects
(CDT) Just 3 weeks after the federal Department of Transportation again shot down a proposal to toll I-80, one of the consequences is hitting home. State transportation Secretary Allen Biehler held a conference call with highway planning organizations 3 days after the decision to tell planners that they can expect a $470 million transportation funding shortfall in fiscal year 2011. Then expect that gap to increase by approximately 2.5% each year thereafter. Centre Co. planners, who have been working on a list of road & highway improvement projects to be completed over the next 30 years, are being told there wonât be money for most of them in the immediate future. A big casualty is the $159 million high-speed interchange linking I-99 & I-80 & a local access interchange. It was ranked the highest priority project in the county, but there was no money to pay for it.