04 - 23 - 2010 Tomorrow’s PSU Blue-White game could draw 70,000
(CDT) Police are expecting a crowd of about 70,000—give or take—for tomorrow’s Blue-White football scrimmage. University police are ‘guesstimating’ from last years numbers that they could expect about 70,000 plus. The guesswork comes in during the hours leading up to the day, when spring weather brings temperatures ranging from near freezing into the 80s, along with sun, rain or clouds. The forecast was calling for 60-degree weather with a chance of rain for tomorrow. State College Lt. Keith Robb said that if it’s rainy & cold, there tends to be lower amounts of activity but if it’s sunny & warm, more people are out on the streets. While it draws big crowds, Blue-White weekend doesn’t have the reputation for giving police a hard time.