04 - 14 - 2010 Sawdust-filled silo explodes at Wood-Mode, closing operations
(DI) Kenneth Walter just wanted to retrieve some pain medication he left at work when he parked his car near the old saw mill at Wood-Mode Inc. shortly after midnight Tuesday. Just 15 seconds later, a loud explosion rocked the building & a cloud of sawdust filled the air. It didnât take employees long to figure out that a fire & explosion had occurred inside a nearby 75-ft. sawdust silo. Kreamer Fire Chief Shannon Moyer said people several miles away in Middleburg reported hearing the explosion. Thomas Morgensen, Wood-Mode spokesman, said there were about 25 members of the maintenance & clean-up crew working at the plant when the fire broke out. The cause of the fire is not yet known and will likely take a few days to determine. About 16 ft. of sawdust was stored in the silo & was being ground for use as fuel,