04 - 08 - 2010 County coroner allegedly harassed by McClure woman
(LS) Mifflin Co. Regional Police & the state police have been investigating a series of incidents tied to 55-y/o Deborah Ann Wray of McClure. Court documents describe that Wray placed several phone calls over a 3 month period to the Mifflin Co. Coroner, Daniel Lynch, that were very "belligerent", accusing him of not doing his job following the death of Wray's nephew, Edward Bartell. Bartell, wno was in a recent car crash, died as a result of his injures. Police also were told by Patricia Bartell, Wray's sister & mother of the slain nephew, that Wray had been placing numerous calls to local businesses, claiming to be her. Wray has admitted to the phone calls, saying she was trying to help here sister following the death of her son. She waived her preliminary hearing & had her charges of harassment bound over.