04 - 05 - 2010 Police search for suspect in a crash harassment incident
State Police say a male juvenile was in his vehicle, stopped at a traffic light at the Main St. intersection with Bridge St. in Mifflintown on Sat. afternoon just after 2:30pm. The suspect, described as a heavy set male with short black hair, thin side burns, mustache, & goatee, exited his car that was behind the victim. The suspect approached the victim, opened his car door & punched the victim in the head, as other witnesses confirmed). This caused the victim’s foot to slip off the brake & drift into the car in front of his & cause a non-reportable crash. The suspect then got into his car & passed 2 other cars along the right berm & fled the scene in a small compact-style car–possibly a Honda Civic. Police are looking for any more information on this incident at 320-1010.