03 - 24 - 2010 Local man charged with assault & robbery pleads guilty
(LS) Yesterday, 22-y/o Rodney Earnest pled guilty to charges he badly beat Michael Boaz of S. Pine Rd. in Jan. & then in the following month, after a heated argument at the Steelworkers Bar in Burnham, stole a car owned by Edward Chapman after pushing him to the ground & threatening him. Boaz, who suffered several broken facial bones & other serious injuries, was beaten by Earnest as he was trying to get him to leave his residence after Earnest broke in through a window. Earnest posted bail after that incident but then stole Chapman's car in Feb. after an argument with his girlfriend. After his 2nd arrest, officers said Earnest was uncooperative. He will serve up to 8 years in state prison.