03 - 16 - 2010 Richfield residents reports possible Census scam
(DI) Census takers say some residents may be getting scammed by con artists who are seeking personal information that could be used by identity thieves. Melinda Weller, a Snyder Co. census worker, said people told her that a man in the Richfield area was pretending to be a census worker, asking for Social Security numbers. Selinsgrove State police in said last night they were unaware of anyone posing as census workers, but would look into the case. Paula Zitzler, assistant manager of the Altoona census office, which partially supervises Richfield area workers, said no one should give Social Security info out to someone saying they are a census worker. Census workers do not ask for this information. She also added that itâs too early in the census process to see workers on the streets, knocking on doors & asking questions.