04 - 24 - 2014 Huntingdon Co. tire fire spreads to nearby junkyard
[WJAC-TV] - Matt Bender the Public Information Officer at Shade Gap Area Volunteer Fire Company went to a fire along Tuscarora Creek Road in Huntingdon Co. Bender told WJAC-TV that the fire, which started as a tire fire, had spread into a junkyard. That prompted the crews to upgrade the fire to first alarm. Crews also noted that a vacant mobile home had also caught on fire. Bender said they then brought in more companies from 6 different counties, which were on scene. There were 2 other buildings nearby that firefighters wanted to ensure did not get caught in the blaze. Once the additional companies arrived, crews were able to attack the fire. Bender said there was close to a dozen of fire stations that responded and crews were on scene for about 4 hours.