04 - 14 - 2014 Mt. Union man jailed on attempted robbery charges
Hungingdon State Police have charged 33-y/o Ricky Sheeler, Jr. of Mt. Union with attempted robbery & terroristic threats following an incident involving several locations in Mt. Union Borough where Sheeler allegedly entered a residence, brandishing a handgun. He allegedly asked 2 female victims, know to police, to help him commit a robbery & threatened their lives if they told police. Sheeler allegedly called 2 male victims, known to police, for a ride. The victims told Sheeler that they felt uncomfortable with him after statements he made upon entering the vehicle & pulled over to let Sheeler out of the vehicle. Sheler allegedly pulled out a pellet gun that resembled an automatic revolver & placed it to the head of the driver and demanded he hand over everything. After a struggle, Sheeler was disarmed by a passenger. Sheeler is incarcerated on $25,000 bail.