12 - 12 - 2013 State Police alert residents of threatening actions
State Police have released 2 bulletins notifying residents of 2 scams that have been identified in the region. The "hostage phone scam" involves calls claiming that a relative of a victim is in danger, having been taken hostage or involved in a minor accident. The victim is told to pay $2,000 or their relative will be harmed. The other, called "the knockout game", has been sweeping the nation & has reportedly caused deaths in NY, NJ, & MO. Young people prey upon unsuspecting adults & try to randomly knock out strangers with 1 punch, calling it the "one hit quitter". If the suspect is unsuccessful in knocking out the victim, the assault continues until the victim loses consciousness or the suspects escape. For recommendations on confronting these threats, contact the Lewistown State Police.