11 - 26 - 2013 Gov. Corbett signs transportation bill in Potters Mills
[CDT] - Gov. Tom Corbett was at the Potters Mills Veterans of Foreign Wars hall yesterday where he signed into law a transportation bill that will pump an estimated $2.3 billion a year into the state’s roads and bridges. Speaking to those in attendance, Corbett said, “It’s what I call the passport to the future when it comes to transportation, but even more so for public safety and economic development.” Corbett’s decision to travel to Centre County put him in the shadow of one of the largest projects that will be funded by the bill. An estimated $761 million for projects to improve U.S. Route 322 from the top of Seven Mountains to Boalsburg are on the state Department of Transportation’s list. State Sen. Jake Corman told the crowd Monday that the cost of doing nothing is even higher, saying that US 322 through Centre Co. “has over 100 accidents in the last decade, some of them fatal.” He added that“... This road is going to be fixed and be a lot safer place for the people of Centre County.”