11 - 21 - 2013 Police busts heroin operation out of local hotel
[LS] - A heroin distribution operation was busted up by the Lewistown State Police that was being carried out from the Crown Hotel. Out of the 5 that police arrested, 3 were from Lewistown & 2 were a Detroit couple. From information received & subsequent investigation, police learned 45-y/o Kevin Giles had brought the heroin for distribution in Lewistown while 21-y/o Latoyia Barry, was selling heroin out of the motel. In the police report issued yesterday, Giles was arrested & jailed in Centre Co. as he made his way to Lewistown. Then, Barry provided Giles with the means to sell the narcotic while being incarcerated. Police arrested Barry at the motel where she turned over 15 bags of heroin. An unidentified 21-y/o Lewistown male arrived as police were speaking with Barry, he was arrested & taken into custody. Police uncovered information that more heroin & crack cocain was being delivered via US Mail for sale in the area & was able to intervene with the help of the USPS. A Derry Twp. home also was searched in connection to this incident with police discovering a marijuana growing operation. They also uncovered numerous illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, hash, suspected bath salts, suspected synthetic marijuana and marijuana. In addition to the 3 arrested, 21-y/o Reid Powell of Lewistown & 20-y/o Korinne Bubb of McClure were also charged in the incident.