11 - 13 - 2013 Fiscal deficits dominate discussions among J.-Co. Commissioners
[LS] - Emphasizing that, ""We have a responsibility to our taxpayers," Juniata County Commissioner Teresa O'Neal told those attending last night's meeting of the county commissioners that it was a lack of fiscal responsibility as well as poor policy to grant financial oversight to department heads. All this budget discussion, which took up the majority of the meeting topics, was sparked by a motion that the county authorize the treasurer's office to approve and pay invoices exceeding the department's budget through the remainder of the fiscal year. O'Neal questioned the treasurer's authority when it was also motioned that the treasurer place a "stop-payment" on over-budgeted invoices the county feels are inappropriate. O'Neal reminded the board that financial software was purchased to regulate payments based on the county's budget policy & not to rely on personal interpretations.