11 - 12 - 2013 Accused cattle rustler in Snyder Co. aquitted by judge
[DI] - Senior Judge Louise O. Knight cleared a cattle broker from Filer, ID of stealing cattle from a Middleburg farmer in Snyder Co. court yesterday in Middleburg. Following a 2-day trial in June 38-y/o Tony E. Martins was convicted of one count of felony theft for stealing cattle from Michael and Cassandra Snook, owners of Creek Bottom Farms, after years of doing business together. The jury also acquitted Martins of another theft charge and were unable to agree on three other felony charges. Later, Senior Judge Louise O. Knight issued an acquittal on the three hung charges. In September, Knight sentenced Martins to 36 months of probation and to pay the Snooks $15,000 in restitution. The sentence was delayed pending a post-sentence motion for acquittal, which defense attorney Stephen Becker filed with the court challenging the commonwealthâs claim that a theft occurred.