10 - 29 - 2013 New screening program to target depression in patients
[LS] A new screening program has started that will help increase patient access to mental health treatment. Geisinger-Lewistown clinic joins the other Geisinger clinics across the Commonwealth to offer services that includes a voluntary depression screening survey. Patients will be given this survey as a way to improve communication between them & their doctor & to help better guide proper treatment where it's needed. Dr. John Pagnotto, primary care physician at Geisinger-Lewistown said that depression "is the most common psychiatric disorder and few patients want to discuss it outright". If signs of depression show up from the survey results, the patient will advance to a more specific survey that will filter the severity of their condition. Pagnotto said. "If there's any sign of suicidal thoughts or tendencies, the patient is immediately transferred to the physician for immediate treatment or possible hospitalization."