10 - 15 - 2013 Centre Co. man serves 4 yrs. in jail for animal cruelty
A Milesburg man who was sentenced in July to serve up to four years in prison on animal cruelty charges and who appealed his conviction again has been found guilty for allowing a herd of beef cattle to starve over the winter on his farm. Prosecutors said Thomas Shawley, 56, was back in Centre County Court on Monday for a non-jury trial before Judge Jonathan D. Grine. And Shawley was again convicted on 28 summary violations for animal cruelty and failing to properly dispose of dead domestic animals. Shawley was first convicted on the charges in July at a summary trial before District Judge Allen Sinclair. He failed to show for that trial, and in his absence was found guilty and sentenced to serve one year and seven months to four years and nine months in prison. Shawley appealed the conviction and sentence to Common Pleas Court and was granted the new trial before Grine. District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, who was present for both summary trials and participated in the investigation, said she will ask Grine to hand down the same sentence. Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 2.