09 - 19 - 2013 Charity Golf Tournament to Benefit FAME EMS
[LS] - Fame EMS will receive all of the funds from the annual benefit golf tournament held by the Rotary Club of Lewistown on Wednesday. Mick Abrashoff, President of Rotary, said the club has always been interested not only in helping the National Rotary cause of eradicating polio, but also to better the local community. The club does that by earmarking the funds from this event each year to a local organization. The guest speaker at the event Bart Ewing, a paramedic with Fame EMS, explained the money would be going toward the purchase of IV syringe pumps. These pumps will allow these ambulance emergency responders to administer fluid and medications in a safe, efficient and controlled manner. Ewing said that their role in the local health care system has changed, with transporting more patients to Lewistown Hospital and transporting patients to many of the area hospitals. The pumps will help make the transport safer for the patients. Ewing also said the pumps will allow for better care in the field on emergency calls.