08 - 27 - 2013 MCSD Superintendent preaches transparency
REEDSVILLE - The same thing that caused local uproar over the safety of sending students to Indian Valley Elementary and Intermediate School also may ease parental concern: transparency. Mifflin County School District Superintendent James Estep and school principal Michael LaMarca met with a small group of parents on Monday evening at the school. As the administration led a tour of the building, they answered questions about security, health and project oversight. The walk-through was held in response to public outcry from parents who attended an open house event last week and saw wires hanging from ceilings, closed turned to Facebook to voice their concerns, and several families opted not to send their children to the opening day of school on Thursday. Indian Valley Elementary and Intermediate School was closed to students on Friday while inspectors completed final walk-throughs and issued a temporary occupancy permit for the school. School opened again on Monday. Another public tour is set for 3:30 to 5 pm Wednesday at the school.