08 - 13 - 2013 Former officer pleads guilty to assault & disorderly charges
DANVILLE â A former police officer has pleaded guilty to beating a man who police said had beeped his horn at him. Robert Weisman, 36, of 323 Ave. B, Riverside, pleaded guilty Monday in Montour County Court to simple assault and disorderly conduct. Danville police charged Weisman, a former Columbia County police officer, with repeatedly punching and kicking John Tloczynski April 8 outside the Penn Jersey Mart on Northumberland Street. Police said the victim suffered wounds of the head and the hands. According to the charges, Tloczynski was behind Weisman on Route 54 east at the intersection with Route 11. Tloczynski beeped his horn when Weisman didnât turn right away onto Route 11. Weisman turned south onto Route 11 and drove very slowly and braked quickly for no reason. Weisman and the victim didnât know each other.