08 - 09 - 2013 MC Huskies running heat acclimation practices for football
LEWISTOWN - Though football practice for Mifflin County High School doesn't officially start until Monday, the team can be found running heat acclimation practices every evening this week. The Mifflin County Huskies, and high school football teams across the state, are holding early practices as part of the new heat acclimation - regulations, developed by the PIAA to prevent heat related illness in high school athletes. The heat acclimation program spans three consecutive days where field time is limited to five hours per day with practices of less than three hours in length. Teams must also have a two hour recovery period between each session. The new regulations state that full gear is not permitted until day three and there is no player-to-player contact until official practices begins on Aug. 12 with the Huskies' first game slated for Aug. 30 at DuBois Area High School.