08 - 07 - 2013 More mosquitoes but fewer West Nile Virus cases
The good news: There are fewer confirmed cases of West Nile virus in Centre County this year than last. The bad news: There are a lot more mosquitoes. The hot, wet July weather has spawned a rash of the blood-sucking pests, and the Pennsylvania West Nile Control Program has deemed a few infected mosquitoes enough of a threat to spray and hopefully eradicate that threat. Centre County mosquito control officials have confirmed three infected mosquitoes in the Snow Shoe Township area in late July with another infected mosquito found in Spring Township on July 25. Most of Centre County has been virus-free, but Clarence-area residents near Snow Shoe may hear the trucks with mosquito-spraying equipment in the neighborhood from about 8:30 to 10 pm tonight. Should it rain, the spraying will be pushed back to Thursday. So far this year, Centre County has seen just the four positive West Nile virus cases, and thatâs from a sample of 232 tested.