07 - 23 - 2013 State Police warn of more scams in the area
LEWISTOWN - Pennsylvania State Police are warning those age 65 and older to not fall victim to a number of scams targeting senior citizens. Seniors are targeted for many kinds of consumer fraud, especially home improvement, financial exploitation, telemarketing and sweepstakes, police said. To avoid falling victim to these scams: Don't pay for a free prize. Free means free. If a caller tells you the payment is for taxes on the prize, he or she has violated federal law. Never give out your credit card information over th phone unless you are certain you are dealing with a reputable firm. Refuse to be rushed into anything. The more a caller tries to hurry you into buying or sending money, the more likely he or she is a criminal. Call the police to report the incident immediately. Never be too embarrassed to report that you've been victimized.