07 - 02 - 2013 Parents charged for providing booze to daughter at Bucknell
LEWISBURG â A New York state couple charged with supplying liquor to their underage daughter and her friends at a Bucknell University dorm in February will serve their punishment under the stateâs ARD program. In Union County Court Monday, Judge Michael Hudock granted the motion for 12 months in the ARD program for Michael and Victoria Ruff, 55 and 50 respectively, of Penfield, N.Y. The couple was to have formal arraignment in court August 5. The couple also must break no laws, pay $750 for program costs plus court and prosecution costs. Failing to comply or complete ARD would mean prosecution on the charges the couple faces. The Ruffs each had four misdemeanor counts of furnishing alcohol to minors Feb. 2 in their daughterâs Bucknell dorm room. According to court documents, the Ruffs brought seven bottles of alcohol, which they purchased in New York, to their daughterâs room, then served and drank with four 18-year-olds.