02 - 22 - 2013 Sunbury woman faces 2nd degree homicide charges
Criminal homicide charges in the second degree have been filed against 30-y/o Jennifer Snook of Sunbury following the stabbing death of 71-y/o Bonnie Jean Snook early Sunday morning. Snook also faces a charge of conspiracy to commit criminal homicide against a "friend" at bar in Northumberland, an incident that police believe ignited a night of violence in Snyder Co. State police say that Snook was with her husband, Joshua Snook, when he went to the Beaver Twp. home of his grandparents early Sunday morning. Police wrote in court documents that a struggle ensued at that home. Bonnie Snook was stabbed and died at the scene. Her husband, Dale, was injured and later transported to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. Joshua Snook has been jailed on a parole violation and has not yet been charged in connection with his grandmother's death.