02 - 13 - 2013 J.-Co. Commissioners approve building study
MIFFLINTOWN - An ongoing effort to evaluate and update county buildings will continue in Juniata County with a department and facility study conducted by J-Way Architectural at a cost not exceeding $25,000. The project was approved with a 2-1 vote Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Juniata County Commissioners. While the board was entirely in favor of a facility study, Commissioner Teresa O'Neal expressed concerns about the process by which the board selected a contractor. O'Neal said the board approved a $25,000 budget during earlier discussions, which was clearly identified in talks with J-Way Architectural. Now that the board is presented with a proposal in that amount, she said it is not responsible to commit taxpayer dollars without soliciting bids from others. However, she opposed the motion to approve the project without soliciting bids.