01 - 09 - 2013 J.-Co. Public Defender to resign.
MIFFLINTOWN - Since 1977 Steven Manbeck has served as Juniata County's Public Defender, but on Tuesday the Juniata County Commissioners announced he would be resigning from his post. On any given miscellaneous court date at the Juniata County Courthouse, Manbeck is usually one of the first defense attorneys to arrive and almost always the last to leave, thanks in part to his hefty caseload. Manbeck is well liked by many of his colleagues and a respected court official who is seen by many as having a good temperament for the job. Manbeck said he wants people to know he is not retiring, just resigning as public defender, so he can invest more time in his private practice. Manbeck said he could not give an exact date his resignation would take place. The commissioners will be advertising to fill the position.