08 - 23 - 2012 Fundraiser helps to fund heart patient honor
LEWISTOWN â A student ran fundraiser pays for a bench in honor of Dylan Follmer. On Feb. 23, after two weeks of unforeseen complications from a routine heart surgery, Follmer passed away, leaving family and friends devastated. Dylan was born in 1995 with a heart defect resulting in a lack of oxygen and circulation to the body. At two days old he underwent surgery in which the arteries were aligned properly and a synthetic patch was placed over the heart. The surgery that took place in February was meant to clear some of the scar tissue out of his heart, to ensure proper blood flow and heart rhythm. However, what was meant to be a routine surgery turned into an hour-and-a-half of CPR, stalled circulation resulting in a leg amputation and internal bleeding, leading to Dylan's passing. Shortly after Dylan's passing, his friends designed a fundraising program for a memorial in honor of Dylan and all that he meant to the community. By mid-August, the group of friends had earned more than $700, enough to install a memorial bench, with an engraved picture of Dylan, on Mifflin County High School grounds. The bench was installed the week of Aug. 16 without a ceremony. Friends of Dylan are hoping to hold a ceremony when the school year starts, Katey said. Dylan's mother is also planning to host a benefit dinner in his memory during the school year. All proceeds will be used to fund a memorial scholarship for a member of the senior class.