07 - 30 - 2012 Local Mansfield University student to travel to Olympics
MILROY - Bryant Rager, a 2007 graduate of Indian Valley High School and a recent graduate of Mansfield University, has been selected to travel with the Mansfield University Marching Band to London, where they will perform during the 2012 Summer Olympics. As a mass communications major with an emphasis in broadcasting, he was interviewed and chosen to follow the band around as a personal film crew, documenting their entire trip with interviews, video of performances and basically everything it would take to turn the trip footage into a small documentary. When asked how he came across such an opportunity, Rager explained that as the band was organizing their trip, they came to the communications department and said they were looking to take a student along to document it on film. He first became interested in film in high school through the media classes offered at Indian Valley. He began by making short films and music videos on his own and realized he enjoyed taking something simple and being able to turn it into something really interesting. His trip will be a total of nine days long, beginning Aug. 1, with various performances throughout. Though his plans for the final production of the documentary have not been determined, he expects it to take one to two months to complete all of the editing.