05 - 09 - 2012 Snyder Co. farmer accuses cattle buyer of swindling
(DI) Legal wrangling over the alleged theft of more than 400 dairy cattle & $200,000 from a local farmer is headed for a showdown in Snyder Co. Court this July. On one side is Michael Snook, owner of Creek Bottom Farms, who has operated the nearly century-old family farm since 1990 & claims hundreds of cattle & thousands of dollars were stolen from him. On the other side is Tony Martins, a cattle broker from Filer, ID, who claims no wrongdoing took place & provided the media with results of a lie detector test taken last August. What isnât in dispute is that Martins is charged with 5 counts of felony theft & 2 counts of bad checks for issuing 2 checks to Snook totaling $207,563 for cattle.